woensdag 9 december 2009

Big changes in Matrix Builder

More news on updated tools: the Matrix Builder.

While simple in concept, the Matrix Builder is a very important tool in our toolbox. And it has seen some important changes! Let me take you through them.

Just like the ISI parser, the matrix compiler has had some subtle interface changes. The window can now be minimized, and the close button has been removed. The old OK button has been renamed to Run. This will result in less confusion.

More importantly, is the introduction of properties. That is: more data can be attached to the output than just connection strengths and vertex labels. There are many such properties possible, and we have a wish list for almost all of them. The basics are implemented, and all that remains now is to implement more 'plugins' to support more properties.

Quite a few nice properties have already been implemented. The most useful will probably be the vertex size property (scale node sizes according to some value), and the vertex colouring.

The new version will bear version number 1.3

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