maandag 25 januari 2010

ISI importer demonstration

After some good responses on my video demonstrating the Matrix Builder tool, I decided to make a video demonstrating the ISI Data Importer tool. Again, the video is available at Youtube.

The video demonstrates the complete process from selecting your input file to starting the actual parsing, and highlights the new features of the parser that help you identify the next step. I hope it will be useful to you!

Update (January 27, 2010):
OK, I am still learning how to deal with Youtube, and how to optimize the videos properly. I have changed the video for an HD version. If all goes well, that should work now. Watch in full screen at 720p quality for optimal viewing. It may take a little time for Youtube to process the video though.

vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Video demonstration

I did a first attempt at creating a demonstration video for our SAINT tools. The first tool to get it, is the Matrix Builder tool. It's very basic, and runs for less than a minute and a half. I will create more elaborate videos later on, but it may be useful for somebody already.

Update: the video has been replaced with a higher resolution version. This should improve readability quite a lot. It may take a little while until the HD version is actually updated and you'll notice the improved quality.

Wrong file in download link

When uploading all the files, and updating the CMS to point to them, I made a mistake. The installer I file I pointed to from our CMS at the Rathenau Website was actually a very old installer. The installer pointed to from this blog was the correct one.

The mistake has been fixed now, but still: embarrassing. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience!

woensdag 13 januari 2010

Release 2010.01 beta 1 is out!

Yes, I finally made a new release ready for testing.

This new release fixes several bugs, the one bugging you most probably being the ISI parser issue. Even though there was a work-around, it was an annoying issue. Sorry about that!

Another big thing in this release is that it is the first release to include the community detection. As part of the Network Tools program, you can now employ the algorithm described in V. Blondel, J.-L. Guillaume, R. Lambiotte and E. Lefebvre 2008, Fast unfolding of community hierarchies in large networks. More on that algorithm you can find on their website.

As already described in the last blog posting, there are also some changes under the hood of the Matrix Builder tool. Besides labels and edge values, you can now also output other properties to the Pajek .net output file, allowing you to display more aspects at the same time in your network.

There are many other small tweaks and bugfixes in this version. Expect more additions before the final release. When that will be released? When it is done!

Download the latest beta toolkit (installer for Microsoft Windows) here.