vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Open source repository and issue tracker online

Yesterday, we reached an important milestone in the project. We have put a public repository online that contains the complete source code for all the tools. That's right: you can download the sources, tinker with them, and use them however you want.

We selected Assembla as our hosting for this project. It supports the Git distributed source code repository system, and nicely integrates that with an issue tracker. So far, it seems to be pretty flexible and works nicely. While the institute is developing her new website, we have put up a temporary website on the toolkit as well. The address will not change once the new site is up, so bookmark away!

If you are familiar with C++, or want to learn that: try your hand to help develop these tools. It's really not all that difficult. Of course, just reporting issues, suggesting documentation updates or giving ideas for improvements and extensions are also very valuable contributions!

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